Say Goodbye to Stress! How to Easily Choose Outfits for Your Family Photo Session in Mesquite NV

Mesquite Nevada isn’t known for its icy temps. We’re more known for our hot, dry summers. Which can make choosing what to wear for your family photo session in Mesquite NV tricky!

You want to make sure your family is dressed comfortably, but not in tons of layers because you don’t want anyone overheating during your session!

The best fabrics are linens, cotton blends or knitted/waffle fabrics. For men and boys, shorts are a great option for bottoms. Dresses are almost a must when it comes to women’s clothing choice. For girls, dresses or rompers are always a great way to go!

Choosing your color scheme for family photos is often where families struggle. I always recommend a neutral color palette— that way, your family is the main focus of the photo!

What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session in Mesquite NV | Mesquite NV Family Photographer

If you are choosing to wear a mix of solids and patterns, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your pattern shape is no larger than a dime. Larger patterns and shapes often become a focal point and make the photos appear busy.

Another tip when it comes to choosing your outfits is to mix fabric type and texture. A mix of linen, cotton and knitted fabrics will create dimension and emotion in your photos without a lot of effort on your part!

Your family photos can be effortlessly beautiful without the headache and stress you may have felt before with other photographers! Book your photo session with Sadie B. Photography in Mesquite NV today by texting 702-622-1201!

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