5 Tips for Beautiful Family Photos in Mesquite NV

The location of your family photos is key when it comes to knowing how to prepare for your session! In this article, I will be sharing 5 of my best tips for preparing for your family photos in Mesquite NV— no matter the season!

5 Tips for Beautiful Family Photos in Mesquite NV | mesquite nv family photographer

1: Bring Water!

No matter the season, no matter the duration of your session— BRING WATER! You’re going to be putting in some work during your session, so be sure to bring water so everyone stays cool and hydrated!

2: Wear Sunscreen Under Your Makeup

It’s hot and the sun is often shining during part of your session. Even though a sunburn may not come through your photos, you don’t want to be paying the consequences after your session! So wear sunscreen under your makeup to protect your skin!

3: Bring Smarties as a bribery candy

I always bring Smarties as my bribery candy (that comes out as a last ditch effort!! And not at the beginning of the session!!!) because they don’t melt, aren’t sticky and won’t create tons of slobber for the tiny humans who will be eating them! They are also small enough to hide in tiny hands just in case the little ones need to hold a candy or two during the session!

4: Wear Clothing That Allows for Sweating

Let’s be real. In mesquite, you’re going to sweat. Choose outfits that allow for you and your family members to sweat in and not have giant armpit stains or back sweat! (It’s natural— don’t worry too much beforehand!) You can get tips of what to wear for your family photos in mesquite nv on my blog!

5: choose a location that has some shade!

As your photographer, it’s my job to scout out locations and find picture worthy locations! I strive to choose locations that will look incredible while giving your family some shelter from the heat of the sun! But if you want to choose your own location, be sure to choose a location that has some shade so that your family doesn’t have to be in the sweltering heat for the duration of your session! See my top 5 family photo locations in Mesquite NV on my blog!

Your family photos can be effortlessly beautiful without the headache and stress you may have felt before with other photographers! Book your photo session with Sadie B. Photography in Mesquite NV today by texting 702-622-1201!

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